Industrial steel

The environment characteristic of the historic factory is emphasised by adding galvanized steel to new details such as new partitions, furniture, lamps, steel posts of glass partitions, interior doors.

Consistent and special space

The finishing of the rooms is industrial and characteristic of the historical industrial monument.  Clear concrete surfaces are exposed on the walls, ceilings, and floors. The existing limestone walls are cleaned of old plaster or re-plastered with cement plaster.

The industrial environment is emphasised by adding metal to new details such as new partitions, kitchens of meeting rooms, furniture of meeting rooms, lighting, steel posts of partitions, interior doors. This creates a consistent and special space where the historical atmosphere of the factory meets a modern solution.

Sanitary rooms

Steel surfaces and steel imitation surfaces are used in sanitary rooms.

Galvanised steel fits into the factory milieu and creates an industrial atmosphere. The surface are easy to maintain and add personality to the rooms.


Galvanised steel coatings have been used to make guard-rails, partially wall coverings, doors, and special furniture.


Built-in furniture and stainless steel furniture

Sinks & faucets

The sinks and faucets are made of stainless steel.