Luxury and dignity

The finishing of the rooms is industrial and characteristic of the historical industrial monument. Clear concrete surfaces are exposed on the walls, ceilings, and floors. The existing limestone walls are cleaned of old plaster or re-plastered with cement plaster. The brass details added to the industrial environment create luxury and glamour in an industrial factory environment, giving a dashing look and creating an elegant atmosphere. The precious metal has a golden undertone and adds the necessary warmth to the grey industrial landscape. Brass is also used to partially cover new functional additions such as new partitions, kitchens of meeting rooms, furniture in the meeting rooms, and lighting. Steel partitions of glass partitions, interior doors. This creates a consistent space where the historical atmosphere of the factory meets a modern solution.

Sanitary rooms

The finishing of the walls and floors of the sanitary rooms is simple and laconic, using clean concrete surfaces that are dust-free. Brass details (sinks, faucets, mirrors, and accessories) add luxury and exclusivity.


The inner decoration package "Luxurious Brass" includes brass-coated solutions that add luxury and dignity to a rustic factory milieu.


The office stairs, walkways, and handrails are covered with brass sheets. New architectural interventions are clearly distinct from historical architecture. Golden tones add warmth and shine to the rooms, while giving a pleasant contrast to the grey and cold concrete.


Smart solutions